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I really can’t bear to watch these videos of the Palestinian people being massacred anymore, but I continue to share them in hopes that if enough people are aware, then maybe, just maybe the governmental super powers will take action

A Lifetime In America Of Being Taught To Hate Islam And Followers Of Islam (Another Proclamation of Solidarity with Palestine)


(Preface: While this is a very long note, I encourage you to read the entire thing.)

I don’t write political rants nearly as much as I once did, even though very little to nothing has changed in terms of my beliefs since I last wrote. But I am still angry at more things than I can count in terms of politics and social circumstances and climate, but work very hard every single day to try to turn that anger into wisdom. It is something that I see very little of in this country and something that I can’t blame many for not doing as accessing more than one side to any story in this country is near impossible in terms of the world that does in fact exist outside of the United States. Not only that, but it is also frowned upon in more circles than not. Recently however, I have been following Palestine closer than I ever have.

It’s to the point where I can not sleep at night. It is in my conscious as it should be, while I am safe and sound in my bed, another man my age was slaughtered in a hospital bed. Maybe he was awake during his murder, maybe he was asleep, but I shouldn’t be able to sleep and I am disappointed that it has taken my conscious this long to finally keep me up at three in the morning to write something like this. It has been a long time coming and now it is to the point where my eyes stay wide open in a pitch black silence while my body follows in lying awake. It is one thing to ignore genocide in Africa as this country has and will continue to do, it should be a crime to have the ignorance to do so in my own opinion (and this country’s portrayal of Africa is something I can guarantee you I will talk about in the future). But it is another thing to not only have a continued support of the worst crime that a human being and it’s nation can commit, but a support of it that many are also proud to have in this country.

For my entire life, I have been taught rather directly or indirectly, that those who follow Islam are “the enemy”. I have seen it in every newspaper in this country in the way that it values the death of 2 soldiers carrying out the orders of a war crime over the death of 500 innocent men and children slaughtered for no given reason. While those numbers are recent ones, those numbers repeat themselves throughout the unlawful and immoral occupation of Gaza and Palestine by Israel.

I can go out and play football (soccer) every single day like I will do today, but a Palestinian child wanting to do the same must have more courage than every American president combined in fear of what might happen to him or her should they step out onto the soil of their people’s own land. In fear that a 10 year old might be killed on a beach kicking a football, playing the beautiful game that I love as much as anything in my life, killed, again for no reason. We will never hear about those 4 Palestinian children (I remember you, Baker family, and will for as long as I live and with every goal I score or stop) who were shot multiple times by a fighter tank because we simply don’t see Palestinian and Islamic children as human beings. But we support that stigma. We support it. If we saw Palestinians as people, we would not support their daily slaughter.

We will hear nothing about Israel trying to black out Gaza on social media. But we support it.

We will hear nothing about large groups of Israeli people setting up seats on hillsides to watch Gaza be decimated and bombarded, and with every explosion, applaud the death of these innocent human beings like it is a spectator sport. But we support it.

We won’t even hear mentions about recent memorials of the Bosnian genocide, a genocide in which its victims were innocents who practiced Islam. Never mind that, we don’t even hear about the Bosnian genocide, never the less it’s memorial. Most in this country likely don’t even know about it. But we sat idly by and watched it happen when over 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed.

For fuck’s sake, I live in a country where there are still 7 states that don’t even recognize the Armenian genocide.

We have been trained for the majority of our lives in the United States to hate those who practice Islam. We will only hear about Iraq in recent news because it gives the way in which we receive information a chance to portray a territory in which Americans identify as “Islamic” or “Muslim” as one consisting of ruthless, savage, subhumans. Or the most commonly used synonym that I’ve seen in this country, “terrorist”, the word in which I’ve seen become preeminent in my lifetime, in terms of being synonymous with “enemy”. But instead most see it very wrongly as synonymous with Islam. (It becomes difficult to explain a 19 year education, or at least attempted one, in one go)

To me, hate is synonymous with prejudice as it should be. We support that for any racial or cultural minority in this country and I will be labeled as crazy for saying that it is a myth that these stigmas, this racism, this xenophobia, this islamophobia is still strong in this land that I’ve lived in my whole life.

I just will never concede to the notion. We hate someone in a country we’ve never been to, for living in a culture we know nothing about, while practicing a religion we know even less about. Whose skin color is often different from the majority of ours, whose language we do not know one single word of, whose history, whose present, we are completely unknowledgable about. And we have the nerve to not only dislike them, but hate them. It has been like that about Palestine and it has been like that about anything surrounding Islam for my entire life.

Not even once in 19 years of life through my education as a white man in state funded schools, through my country’s state regulated media, have I ever heard one single word of positivity muttered about Islam. Not one word that did not go out of its way to vilify Islam. Not one word that didn’t go out of its way to vilify Palestine (in the event Palestine was ever even mentioned).

If I said to someone, the kill count (I refuse to use the word death toll. I refuse to use the word “war” as well, as the word “war” implies that there are in fact two fighting parties) is 500, their reply would likely be, “Only 500?”

That would not be the response if what is happening in Palestine happened to kids and teachers at an American high school or an American college. It is simple, this nation does not see Palestinians as people. But the fact of the matter is that they are people. They are the same fucking people as you and I, and I can’t believe in the year 2014, I have to preach the fact that human beings are in fact human beings.

Even though they have a different language, skin color, heritage, culture, and fuck the fact that I have to say “even though” to make my fucking point.

And even then, somehow the people in my country have the nerve to label those who defend themselves against occupation and genocide as terrorists, even after being taught at least 4 or 5 years of American history.

Before it is even brought up by anyone reading this, I’m not implying that Hamas is the good guy because I have the ability to see in the future in this instance, but I am implying 150% that Israel and the country I live in right now are the antagonist. They are perpetrators of genocide. They are plaintiffs that are guilty of war crimes.

I don’t want friends who defend Israel either. I’ve lived 19 years listening to nothing but Israel’s side of the story. I know Israel’s side of the story and it’s because I do so well, that I support Palestine that much more. I’ve lived 19 years without being taught about a single thing about Islam except for what I see and hear in every form of media.

And I keep mentioning this because of the millions of Americans who blindly support Israel.

Americans are taught so little about Islam (never mind Palestine) that it is the easiest thing in the world for someone to stand up on their soapbox and label them as terrorists with all of the prejudice that one can muster. We hear every president and politician, regardless of if we like them or not, say that Israel is our ally. When you combine that with a society that is reluctant to question anything, never mind the continuing circumstances of a nation that we have armed to the fucking teeth to commit war crimes on a daily basis, it doesn’t surprise me that the questioning never happens or status quo never changes.

It is easy to support Israel without knowing what Israel supports.

But it has angered me more than anything, perhaps it is because of how powerless I feel and because even while typing all of this, I know that many will read this because of the length of this “rant”, or as I would title this again if I could, “a prolonged purge of common fucking sense”

Nothing like what is happening in Palestine can be shortened any more than I already have shortened it. And if you desperately wanted to, it can’t be shortened any more than to two words that I have used several times in this proclamation of solidarity, and those two words are “hate” and “genocide”.

I don’t want those two words to be my final words in reiterating where I stand with Palestine. I want Palestine to know many things. I want Palestine to know how strong its people are. I want Palestine to know that they aren’t forgotten. I want Palestine to know that come next year’s AFC football tournament, that you will truly see that the world is behind you.

Solidarity with Palestine and with all who support Palestine and it’s rightful liberation.




Over the past 14 days, apartheid Israel has murdered an average of 45 people per day in Gaza. The vast majority of them have been unarmed civilians.

By contrast, the Palestinian resistance has neutralized 30 Israelis, 28 of whom have been enemy soldiers. Of the two non-soldiers, one was killed near Gaza while mingling with soldiers.

Who’s the one targeting civilians again?


I stand with Palestine from around the globe ❤️
Take a stand, add yours then reblog! The people in Palestine, especially in Gaza, deserve this from us.

Anonymous: six million died in the holocaust... palestine has no right to complain!


that makes no sense. that would be like if i were to point out that approximately 10 million Africans died as a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade — or that tens of millions of Native Americans were killed by European colonialism — so therefore Jews have no right to complain …

this isn’t a contest, it’s a protest against the mass slaughter of human beings!

also, palestine had nothing to do with the holocaust. that was the product of European fascism. trying to connect the two issues only serves as an empty justification for Israel’s CURRENT genocide against the palestinians.

and most jewish ancestors of holocaust victims today actually don’t live in israel, but are rather quite assimilated into europe, the united states, and elsewhere around the globe. but you don’t see those jews using the holocaust as justification to carry out mass genocide within their new homelands.

in actual fact, israel’s genocide against the palestinians has absolutely nothing to do with the holocaust, but rather everything to do with Western colonialism and imperialism.

in any event, people have a “right” to “complain” about any and all genocides that take place, regardless of who is the perpetrator and who the victim.

the real question is — what kind of sick barbaric fuck are you that only cares about the genocide carried out against some people, but not others?


A beautiful gesture from Lebanon - names of Palestinians killed by Israel in the last two weeks were hung on huge banners in Raouché, Beirut during a demonstration against the latest Zionist assault on Gaza, July 22, 2014. Protesters also threw flowers into the sea. Over 600 people have been killed (as of the morning of July 23, 2014), at least 25% of whom were children.

(Photos: Jamal Saidi / Reuters)

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